Planning For Your Adventure

Participants should prepare for several days of therapeutic activities and engaging adventures. Readjustment counselors and EGS will reach out several times before the trip to review the travel arrangements, answer questions and allay concerns. Specific requirements for adaptive equipment or accommodations will be reviewed during a pre-screening process.

The only thing that is needed is a packed suitcase with the appropriate attire. We will take care of the rest, which includes an all-inclusive experience with travel accommodations, lodging, dining, challenging and fun outdoor excursions conducive to individual or group counseling and educational activities.

Participants can expect planned and structured activities over several days. These intensive programs require participation in the process. We understand that stress affects all relationships and our programs range from individual, group, family, couples therapy and excursions. Loved ones can become an integral part of recovery and readjustment.

Participants can also expect several days of continuous group time and formal group therapy sessions focusing on cohesion, collaboration and social interaction. Counselors will be available 24/7 for guidance, therapeutic intervention or assistance.

In addition to an action plan focused on returning home, participants will receive new learning and therapeutic gains for their daily routines. There will also be a follow-up session with a counselor upon your return home and any necessary referrals will be established.  A Participation Evaluation Assessment will also be circulated to collect feedback and data to continually improve outdoor experiences and maximize therapeutic effects.

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