Upon selection, your coordinator will provide you with a list of specific items for your excursion, including items such as clothing, toiletries and footwear. EGS will provide the necessary gear appropriate to your excursion type.

A great way to prepare physically is to adopt healthy eating habits and focus on being well-hydrated. Here are few tips to keep in mind:

Arrive at your excursion rested.

Reduce the consumption of fatty foods, tobacco use, excessive alcohol, and caffeine.

Eat plenty of unrefined carbohydrates (i.e. whole grains).

Drink more water than usual.

Don’t overdo it, get involved and take each excursion at your own pace.

Our excursions have different physical requirements. Your coordinator will select an excursion that has just the right challenge based on your needs

Reach out to your coordinator and let them know of your changes. They will communicate the change with EGS.

We can accommodate special dietary needs or food allergies on a case-by-case basis. We suggest speaking with your coordinator, who will then communicate those needs to EGS.

Either glasses or contact lenses are acceptable. Whether you wear contacts or glasses, you should bring an extra pair.

Your belongings will be secure in your lodging. Please leave behind any inappropriate items before leaving your home: Jewelry, Tobacco, alcohol and recreational drugs are not permitted.

No.  EGS has no military affiliation.

EGS will provide access to communication devices on each excursion for participants should they have the need.

No, EGS does not have any religious affiliations or accommodations.

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